Got a Puppy? Then you need this system.

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What's inside the course?

This 26 chapter Video Training System will take you through the steps you need to know, in order to train your puppy to be a well-conditioned and well trained member of the family.

7 Pillars Of Dog Training

Learn the 7 pillars that are foundational to the training.

Proper Socialization

Crate Training

Learn how to get your puppy to LOVE their crate.

Hand Signals

Learn how to get your dog used to their surroundings.

Learn condition/response hand and verbal signals.

What do our customers say?

"I love the ABT's of Dog Training! It gave me so much peace of mind in preparing for my puppy and confidence in my ability to properly train my puppy when he arrives. Well worth every penny!"


I had so much anxiety over not having trained a puppy in so many years and was so afraid of "ruining" him! It's one thing to read a book - and I've been reading a ton- but to be able to watch actual video footage brings it to a whole new level

Jennifer Venus reviewed ABTs of Dog Training

 September 30th, 2019