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My German Shepherds

Black German Shepherd

Sergeant's ancestry originates from the Salztalblick kennels in Germany...
As a matter of fact, Sergeant's Grandfather was the Salztalblick owner's PERSONAL
dog... in his time, one of the premier solid black German Shepherds in the world!!


Heavenly Haska

Haska is from exquisite East German, DDR, bloodlines. She is VERY agile and athletic. Her background is loaded with DDR royalty like Eik vom Clausberg, Alk vom Osterburg Quell, Iwan von Poppitz and Don vom Haus Iris. She will be bringing us some fantastic puppies as she is now a young adult with LOTS of spirit!!!

Black German Shepherd

Ruby is Big Don's sister with East German Shepherd Dog bloodlines, She has great drives and LOVES to work!!! Very focused girl when it comes to playing fetch and has a BEAUTIFUL German Shepherd "gait"
when moving across the property. She is also quite athletic and fast on her feet.

Maximus Aug 22 A.jpg

Maximus the Great

Maximus is the son of Sergeant The Super Dog and Ruby The Jewel, two GREAT ones!!! Max now belongs to my son's family and lives about an hour away from German Shepherd Land. Approved hips and elbows as per OFA and he has a fantastic temperament. He is an AMAZING and well-trained Black German Shepherd!!!

Khans hanna female standing.jpg

Hanna Team Vardar & Jovanely

Hanna comes from West German Show ROYALTY!!! Her Father has EIGHT VA1 world championships in his previous 4 generations...WOW. Her Mother has a total of FIVE World Championships in her 4 generation background...AMAZING!! Hanna comes to you as part of the Partner Program here in German Shepherd Land and her puppies are to be of Championship quality!!! Call for your reservation for one of her pups ASAP...deposits are open at this time. 478-244-1025 Eastern Time Zone before 8pm please.

Major 6 (2).JPG

   Major is the son of Sergeant The Super Dog and Melania The Beautiful...BOTH fantastic German Shepherds with PERFECT pedigrees. With his background we expect nothing but the best puppies to come from him. Amazing worker, protector, guardian and at the same time he is a loving and sweet boy. Very focused and willing to please ALL the time!!!

022 - Star Main.JPG

Star has truly lived up to her name...she is a shining star in every category. Perfect in looks, drives and protection instincts. Her East German lines pedigree is a beautiful thing to behold with fantastic ancestry. A "Velcro Dog" that stays by me every step I take when we are out on the property.


  Tantastic Tanya is truly a fantastic loving and active!!! She is amazing to watch play and move around the property. Many of her ancestors hail  from the World Famous Salztalblick Kennels in Germany...the same kennel that produced many ancestors of Sergeant AND my Melania, true Champions!!!

Khans Dinna female 1.jpg

Dinna Team Von Den Hohenberg

Dinna is an outstanding example of World Class German Shepherds out of the West German Showlines. Her Grandfather was a two-time World Number ONE in the Bundesseiger Show in Germany, Schumann von Tronje. Her Mother, Wikki von Farhantal, was also a VA1 Champion. Other World Champions in her heritage are Zamp vom Thermodos and Vegas du Haut Mansard. Dinna is in my Partner Program here in German Shepherd Land. Reserve one of her pups by calling German Shepherd Man at 478-244-1025 eastern time zone.

Khans male Nestor 2.jpg

Nestor Argema Moenas

Nestor is a son of the World Champion VA1 Gary Vom Huhnegrab and is also a descendant of VA1 World Champion Pakros d' impeccable pedigree!!! He will be the sire of puppies from Hanna and Dinna as a part of our Partner Program here in German Shepherd Land. Don't miss out on one of the most desirable litters in the US!!! Call German Shepherd Man today to set up a phone interview...478-244-1025 Eastern Time Zone before 8pm please.

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