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Black German Shepherd

Sergeant's ancestry originates from the Salztalblick kennels in Germany...
As a matter of fact, Sergeant's Grandfather was the Salztalblick owner's PERSONAL
dog... in his time, one of the premier solid black German Shepherds in the world!!

Maximus Aug 22 A.jpg

Maximus the Great

Maximus is the son of Sergeant The Super Dog and Ruby The Jewel, two GREAT ones!!! Max now belongs to my son's family and lives about an hour away from German Shepherd Land. Approved hips and elbows as per OFA and he has a fantastic temperament. He is an AMAZING and well-trained Black German Shepherd!!!

Penny P 3 (2).jpg

Perfect Penelope

We call this FANTASTIC girl Penny P. She is a solid female with a very distinct dark red sable coat. Her demeanor is VERY confident, and she is quite the athlete as well. She is an AMAZING Mom, taking excellent care of her puppies.

Major 6 (2).JPG

   Major is the son of Sergeant The Super Dog and Melania The Beautiful...BOTH fantastic German Shepherds with PERFECT pedigrees. With his background we expect nothing but the best puppies to come from him. Amazing worker, protector, guardian and at the same time he is a loving and sweet boy. Very focused and willing to please ALL the time!!!

SuperNova pic.jpg

Super Nova

Relaxed and CALM...those are the best words to describe this wonderful up-and-coming female here in German Shepherd Land. Soon she will finish all her physical and genetic testing needed to ensure fantastic, healthy puppies. Continue watching her progress on our videos published on our YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Black German Shepherd

Ruby is a GREAT Mama with amazing East German Shepherd Dog bloodlines, She has great drives and LOVES to work!!! Very focused girl when it comes to playing fetch and has a BEAUTIFUL German Shepherd
gait when moving across the property. She is also quite athletic and fast on her feet.

022 - Star Main.JPG

Star has truly lived up to her name...she is a shining star in every category. Perfect in looks, drives and protection instincts. Her East German lines pedigree is a beautiful thing to behold with fantastic ancestry. A "Velcro Dog" that stays by me every step I take when we are out on the property.

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