My German Shepherds

Black German Shepherd

Sergeant's ancestry originates from the Salztalblick kennels in Germany...
As a matter of fact, Sergeant's Grandfather was the Salztalblick owner's PERSONAL
dog... in his time, one of the premier solid black German Shepherds in the world!!

Black German Shepherd

One of Our Females, Melania The Beautiful...   Melania's ancestry originates from the Mohnwiese and Salztalblick kennels in Germany.

One of Our Females, Reign The Queen...
Reign is a large body East German working line female with an impressive pedigree.
Famous East German kennel names like Parchimer Land, Vom Poppitz,
Ludwigseck, Grafental, Monstab, Haus Fasold and others make up her
Royal German Ancestry.

Sable German Shepherd

My "Gentle Giant" Eastern Male, Big Don...
Big Don's ancestry comes from the lines of German Shepherds developed in former East Germany. These German Shepherd dogs are known for their large size and intimidating appearance. They have big bones and especially large heads.

Star has truly lived up to her name...she is a shining star in every category. Perfect in looks, drives and protection instincts. Her East German lines pedigree is a beautiful thing to behold with fantastic ancestry. A "Velcro Dog" that stays by me every step I take when we are out on the property.

Black German Shepherd

Ruby is Big Don's sister with East German Shepherd Dog bloodlines, She has great drives and LOVES to work!!! Very focused girl when it comes to playing fetch and has a BEAUTIFUL German Shepherd "gait"
when moving across the property. She is also quite athletic and fast on her feet.

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