Available Puppies

German Shepherd Man operates his kennel as a passionate hobby.  I usually only have a few litters throughout the year and many are pre-sold at birth.  If you are interested in one of my puppies, fill out our Contact Us form so that we can start the process for you to get the perfect puppy for your home.  Feel free to call me at 478-244-1025 eastern time zone.

Not taking deposits until later this year!!!

After making the decision to purchase a German Shepherd Man Puppy a minimum $750 non-refundable deposit will be required. 

All Puppies are $4500 which includes German Shepherd Man's Puppy Training System.

Shipping,  if needed, is usually between $400 and $750 by using my Door-to-Door Puppy Chauffeur.

All-Black Puppies
Sergeant the Super Dog
022 - Star Main.JPG
Shining Star

A very special breeding indeed...Sergeant and Star. Both are fantastic German Shepherd specimens physically and mentally with great drives and neither being afraid of anything!!!  This litter is SOLD OUT!

Puppy Pictures from Past Litters

Black German Shepherd Puppy
Black German Shepherd Puppy
Black German Shepherd Puppy
US-Map DOG PINNED (1).jpg

We only ship to the Lower 48 US States

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